Our Story...

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion in my heart for abused men and women. I came out of an abusive home and over the years every relationship that I had resulted in physical abuse. I was a wounded and angry woman who was out for revenge against all of those who had caused me pain

Thankfully, God knew exactly what I needed in order to find healing and rest. He led me to sit under the teaching of a bishop for seven years and to develop and strengthen my relationship with Him, above all else. Before I could lead others out of bitterness and abuse, I had to first experience the restoration that only Jesus can give.

Every day I meet many wounded men and women, struggling to cope with the pain and legacy of abuse. I believe that God has called me to share my own story of redemption and healing in order to provide hope and encouragement to people trapped in persecution and suffering


Our organization, Above the Heavens with Favor, has a vision to offer support and education to abused women of all ages. We want them to know that, through Christ, they can step out of darkness and into hope, restart their lives, and take back their joy!


Above the Heavens with Favor
will soon be offering the following programs: 

** Abused Women and Men workshops, 
** Feeding Homeless Families, 
** Prayer Seminars, 
** Street Ministries, and Education Workshops

Contact Us to Volunteer

If you would like to join with us in this vision of hope and restoration, you can contact us (Beverly and Johnnie Miller) by clicking here.

Johnnie and I are always looking for volunteers, partners, donors, and prayer partners who share our vision for healing and wholeness through Jesus Christ.  We look forward to hearing from you and would like for you to keep us in your prayers as we walk  in the vision that has been placed in us!

Mission Statement
Providing hope and encouragement to all people in times of persecution and suffering!  We exist to connect the poor, oppressed, and addicted with a path towards Help, Faith, Hope and Love.   The heart of God is to Love and to serve and while meeting the needs of a broken world.  You cannot wash the feet of a dirty world if you refuse to touch it!

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